State v. Allen, et al.

For information relating to the management of State v. Allen, et al., Nos. 305636 - 305690, please click here.   There you will find an exemplar of the Case Management Order, a calendar of proceedings, various orders and pleadings filed with the Court, and other information related to the procedural management of the cases.

Second Division Court Calendar

The Second Division has a substantial docket with a number of important matters.  For the convenience of the public, however, the more significant trials, hearings, and court events are included here on the Court's informal calendar.  Please click the button below to access this informal calendar.

The Court's full and official docket may be found here or obtained from the 

Criminal Court Clerk's office at 423-209-7500.

Court Calendar

About the Second Division

What is the Hamilton County Criminal Court?

The Hamilton County Criminal Court in Chattanooga hears felony and misdemeanor criminal cases after the grand jury has brought charges.  The Court also hears appeals from the Court of General Sessions, as well as from various municipal courts in Hamilton County.

All who appear before the Court—including victims, the accused, witnesses, jurors, and lawyers—will be guaranteed equal and just administration according to law and the assurance of being treated with dignity and respect.   

A priority of the Criminal Court is the protection of the community's safety and property. Important to these protections is a firm and fair adherence to the rule of law, including respect for our Constitutional values.  These are the foundational principles for the Criminal Court.

History of the Second Division

The Hamilton County Criminal Court was first established by a private act of the Tennessee General Assembly in 1901.  The Second Division was created on February 4, 1929, and six judges have since presided in the Division.  

The judges who have presided in the Second Division include 

  • The Honorable Leonidas Dewitt “L.D.” Miller, Sr. (1931-1954); 
  • The Honorable W. Tillman Grant, Jr. (1955-1974); 
  • The Honorable Joseph F. DiRisio (1974-1995); 
  • The Honorable Gary D. Gerbitz (1995-1997); and 
  • The Honorable Rebecca J. Stern (1997-2015).

Judge Tom Greenholtz has presided in the Second Division since 2015.

Additional Information


Drug Recovery Court

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Jury Duty

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Media and Public Information

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