COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Other Court Operations During the Limited Suspension Period

Please see below for general information about the holding of jury trials, grand jury operations, and the Drug Recovery Court. 

To see the specific Criminal Court protocols, please click here

Other Court Proceedings

Are jury trials affected by the limited suspension order?

Yes.  The Supreme Court’s original Suspension Order suspended all civil and criminal jury trials until after March 31, 2020.   Although the Supplemental Suspension Order does not expressly mention jury trials, those types of "in-person" proceedings do not fall within an exception to the general suspension now lasting through April 30. 

In Hamilton County, no person will be called for jury service during the Suspension Period. 

Are the grand juries still operating during the limited suspension period?

No.   The Supreme Court’s original Suspension Order applied to the operations of the Hamilton County grand juries.  With the extension of the suspension period until April 30, 2020, the Court has notified the forepersons of the regular and concurrent grand juries of the temporary suspension of operations until after that time.   

Thankfully, the Winter 2020 Term of our grand juries was largely completed.  The new term of the grand juries will commence on May 5, 2020, absent other impediments.


How is the Drug Recovery Court affected?

The Drug Recovery Court is also in a suspended status insofar as “in-person” courtroom status conferences are concerned. 

Other essential operations, such as drug testing, are being conducted with staggered scheduling to minimize the number of persons involved and having to be present. 

Case Management will continue remotely using telephone or video conferencing.