State v. Allen - FAQs Relating to Service of Documents

I have filed a document with the Clerk.  How do I serve the document on other parties?  

You do not need to take additional action to serve documents.

The Criminal Court Clerk’s office will serve an electronic copy of the document for you, by email, on all other parties.  See Case Management Order, § IV(B)(2).  

Why is the Clerk involved in serving documents?  

Given the size of the consolidated case, there are issues of cost, benefit, and ensuring that service is actually accomplished.  

Without email service, each individual party would be responsible for the service of documents to all 55 other parties, including investing the time and resources needed for this task every time a document is filed.  In addition, each party would be required continually to update the contact information of each other party, as well as keep track of parties entering and exiting the cases.  

Even with diligence, a party may be inadvertently omitted from service, and these omissions may impact that party’s ability to respond to, and join in, pleadings filed by others.   

This Court believes that, in the context of this case, these burdens are too great for the individual parties.   As such, and to help minimize these burdens, Vince Dean and the Clerk's office have graciously agreed to assist the Court in managing this part of the cases.    

I need to update my contact information to receive service copies of documents.  How do I do this?  

Please send an email to Ms. Deana Butler with the new contact information.  Her email address is  

See Case Management Order, § IV(C).

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