State v. Allen - FAQs Relating to Status Conferences

The Court has set an interim status conference.  What is the purpose of this conference, and for what do I need to prepare?  

The interim status dates are merely check-in dates.   The early litigation stage of the overall case is set to conclude by January 2019.  

Because this January Main Status Conference date is some time away, the Court has regular “check-in” days to ensure that the individual cases are being attended to.   See Case Management Order, § I(A).  

Unless motions are otherwise docketed on that same day, the Court does not anticipate that business will occur apart from check-in.

Does my client have to appear at an interim status conference?  

Not necessarily.  If your client executes a “waiver of appearance,” he or she may be excused from the interim status date.   See Case Management Order, § I(B).  

Absent the filing of this waiver, however, the party should appear, and a capias will issue for a party’s failure to appear.  

What will occur at the Main Status Conference in January 2019?  

As with the Court’s typical scheduling procedures, the Main Status Conference helps to determine the travel of the case.  

In theory, most of the pretrial work, including discovery, provision of notices, and the filing of Rule 12(b)(2) motions, should be concluded by the Main Status Conference.  

During the Main Status Conference, the Court will address the following issues:  

  • setting for hearing any unresolved Rule 12(b)(2) motions; 
  • resolving any outstanding discovery issues; and
  • setting the case for plea or for trial.

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