Judicial Preferences: Courtroom Etiquette

May people walk through the well of the courtroom during a hearing? 

Please do not do so.  During a hearing, the areas in front of the bar are closed to all persons not involved in the proceedings.    

Are persons allowed to bring cell phones into the courtroom?

While the Court does permit individuals to have their cell phone with them in the courtroom, the Court expects and requires that the phone be turned off while the court is in session.   

My case is on the docket.  Do I have to be in the courtroom during all times until my case is called?  

Certainly not.  People are free to come and go from the courtroom.  The Court requests only two considerations: (1) please come and go quietly so as not to otherwise disturb the court proceedings; and (2) please stay relatively close by so that, if you are needed, we may be able to locate  you quickly.

I need to speak to my client during court, but he or she is being held in custody.  How do I do this?

If you are an attorney and need to speak with a client that is currently incarcerated and being held in the holding cells, please respectfully request a Second Division Court Officer to admit you to the holding cell area.  

Of course, as these officers are an extension of the Court, being polite, and saying “please,” is expected and appreciated.    

I need to speak with others while Court is in session.   May I do so?

If an individual needs to speak with their attorney, bondsman or witness, the Court would appreciate if these conversations could occur outside in the atrium area of the courthouse, so as not to disturb courtroom proceedings.

During the arraignment docket in particular, please wait to speak with the bench clerk until such time as is convenient for the Clerk.

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