Drug Recovery Court Team Members

The Drug Recovery Court Team works together to review and monitor the progress of all the participants in the Drug Recovery Court Program.  

The full team meets at least weekly, though various parts of the team meet more frequently.  The Drug Recovery Court Team attempts to bring together important resources necessary for the success of our participants.  To that end, the team consists of our partners in treatment, counseling, law enforcement, and corrections, in addition to the program's staff.

The Drug Recovery Court Team consists of the following members:

  • Tom Greenholtz, Judge, Second Division, Hamilton County Criminal Court
  • Dr. Elaine Kelly, Drug Recovery Court Coordinator
  • John Cooper, Drug Recovery Court Case Manager
  • Brian Finlay, Drug Recovery Court Case Manager
  • Julie Johnson, Recovery Court Case Manager 
  • AnCharlene Davis, Assistant District Attorney General
  • Andrew Childress, Assistant Public Defender
  • Janie Varnell, Private Defense Counsel with Davis & Hoss, PC
  • Tony Neuhoff, Parkridge Valley Adult and Senior Services
  • Chris Jackson, Superintendent for Hamilton County's Felony & Misdemeanants Program, Courts Community Service Program, Misdemeanant Probation
  • Terry Topping, Chattanooga Police Department Detective

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