Forms & Documents Used by the Second Division

Arraignment and Case Management Forms

Documents relating to the Second Division's case management and scheduling system.  Please also visit the Case Management page for more information.

Please Note:  The orders below are exemplar orders only.  The actual orders entered in individual cases may have different or additional provisions.

Plea Documents

Standard forms for use relating to entry of guilty pleas and judicial diversion.

     Standard Plea Forms: 

     Judicial Diversion Forms:

     Information Pleas:

     Other Plea-Related Documents:

Documents Relating to Particular Offenses

Drug Recovery Court Documents

Please find below some of the documents used in the Hamilton County Drug Recovery Court program.  For other documents, please also visit the Drug Recovery Court Documents page, including the page for Admissions.

Mental Health Court Documents

The Mental Health Court program is operated by Judge Don W. Poole in the Third Division of the Criminal Court.  However, for cases appearing on its own docket, the Second Division will sometimes handle admissions to that program.  Please find below some of the basic forms involved in that process.  Please also click here for more information about that important program.

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