Judicial Preferences: Furloughs

What is the process to request a furlough for medical, funeral, or other purposes?       

Please simply make the request informally through chambers after having discussed the matter with the State’s attorney. 

You also may click here to begin a request.        

What information does the Court generally wish to know?

Generally, the Court will wish to know whether the State objects to the furlough request; the nature of the offense for which the applicant has been convicted or is being held; and the identity of the person or persons into whose care the applicant will be released.         

Does the Court generally require that the applicant be released to a designated person?

Depending upon the nature of the furlough, yes.  

Please also know that, as a condition of the furlough, the Court will generally require the person to whom an applicant is released to submit voluntarily to the jurisdiction of this Court for purposes of enforcing the furlough order.         

Further, please explain to the individual being furloughed the importance of returning by the designated date and time.  The individual's failure to return will result in an escape charge.

May I submit an agreed order to the court for a furlough?

The Court always appreciates assistance in preparing orders.  However, the Court uses specific language with furlough orders in particular.  

If a furlough request is granted, the Court will gladly assist in the preparation of the order.

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