General Sessions Recovery Court


 The Sessions Recovery Court is an alternative to the traditional court process that focuses on drug treatment and recovery rather than incarceration.   In 2018, the General Sessions Court established this program to help clients become productive members of society; to stop the revolving door of recidivism; and to break the cycle of addiction. 

The Sessions Recovery Court program and the criminal court Drug Recovery Court program work along side of each other.   Because the two programs have different "target participants," it may be that persons who do not qualify for admission to one program could qualify for admission to the other.  

The Sessions Recovery Court program is a voluntary program that is typically based on a furlough from a workhouse or jail sentence.  The program includes the following components, among others:

  • Outpatient treatment and inpatient when necessary;
  • Mandatory random drug testing;
  • Attendance at treatment sessions;
  • Consideration of attending self-help or group meetings;
  • Incentives for program compliance, and sanctions for program non-compliance; and
  • Participation in outside programs as necessary, which may include family/individual counseling, mental health counseling, HiSet/job readiness, life-skills/ parenting sessions, anger management classes or other programs designed to assist the individual in returning to society as a productive citizen. 

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Sessions Recovery Court Documents

Getting Started

For people considering participation in the Sessions Recovery Court, these documents provide an overview of the program and its requirements: 

Admission Documents

 In addition, these documents are typically required to be reviewed and signed by an applicant before admission to the Sessions Recovery Court: 

Sessions Recovery court Team

The Sessions Recovery Court Team works together to review and monitor the progress of all the participants in the Sessions Recovery Court program.  

The full team meets at least weekly, though various parts of the team meet more frequently.  The Sessions Recovery Court Team attempts to bring together important resources necessary for the success of our participants.  To that end, the team consists of our partners in treatment, counseling, law enforcement, and corrections, in addition to the program's staff.

The Sessions Recovery Court Team consists of the following members:


  • Alex McVeagh, Judge, Court of General Sessions 
  • Dr. Elaine Kelly, Recovery Court Coordinator
  • Mysti Wilson, Recovery Court Case Manager
  • Brian Finlay, Recovery Court Case Manager
  • Julie Johnson, Recovery Court Case Manager 
  • Darren Gibson, Assistant District Attorney General
  • Ted Engel, Assistant Public Defender
  • Chrissy Mincy, Private Defense Counsel
  • Susan Taylor, Parkridge Valley Adult and Senior Services
  • Justin Strand, Hamilton County Corrections Program Superintendent
  • Rodney Lee, Hamilton County Deputy Sheriff