Procedural Management of State v. Allen, et al.


This page is intended to help manage the proceedings in State v. Allen, et al., Nos. 305636 - 305690.   

By way of orders entered on August 23, 2019 and February 7, 2020, the Court has dismissed the racketeering charges in some of the consolidated cases.   Eight of the original racketeering cases remain and are currently proceeding.  Other cases not involving racketeering charges, including the three capital cases, are proceeding under separate orders.

Please find below an exemplar of the Case Management Order, various court orders  and pleadings, and other information related to the procedural management of the cases.

For additional information about the impact of the superseding presentment on the management of the Allen Cases, please visit here

FAQs About the Management of the Allen Cases


Case Filings

For some of the more significant court orders entered and pleadings filed in the Allen Cases, please click here.  For copies of other orders and pleadings filed, please contact the Criminal Court Clerk's Office.

Motion Litigation

For issues related to the filing, joining, and hearing of motions, please click here.


For information related to discovery issues, please click here.

Service of Documents

For this case only, the Court has modified the process for serving on other parties documents filed with the clerk.   Please click here for more information.


Case Management Forms

 Please find below some forms that may be of assistance.

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